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CAS 96827-07-5 Protein Peptide Hormones IGF 1-Lr3 ,IGF-DES in 1mg/vial

CAS 96827-07-5 Protein Peptide Hormones IGF 1-Lr3 ,IGF-DES in 1mg/vial

  • CAS 96827-07-5 Protein Peptide Hormones IGF 1-Lr3 ,IGF-DES in 1mg/vial
  • CAS 96827-07-5 Protein Peptide Hormones IGF 1-Lr3 ,IGF-DES in 1mg/vial
  • CAS 96827-07-5 Protein Peptide Hormones IGF 1-Lr3 ,IGF-DES in 1mg/vial
  • CAS 96827-07-5 Protein Peptide Hormones IGF 1-Lr3 ,IGF-DES in 1mg/vial
CAS 96827-07-5 Protein Peptide Hormones IGF 1-Lr3 ,IGF-DES in 1mg/vial
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Protein Peptide Hormones IGF 1-Lr3 ,IGF-DES in 1mg/vial Safe Shipping to UK,Europe,US


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Product Name: IGF des
Synonyms: IGF-1 Des(1-3), Des1-3, Des 1-3, Des (1-3), IGF-1 (4-70)
Appearance: white powder
Application: Pharmaceutical intermediates
DeliveryTime: within 24 hours
PackAge: bottle
Port: shanghai
Purity: 99%
Storage: dry and cool place
Transportation: By air




IGF-1 DES is naturally produced in the liver as a result of GH (Growth Hormone) metabolism in the presence of insulin. Muscle tissue can also produce IGF-1 DES by way of an intracellular response.
In fact, one of the benefits of training sets that result in an intense burn, or stretch position training, is the production of natural IGF-1, which cause a higher release of IGF-1 from the liver.
IGF-1 DES receptors exist throughout muscles and organs such as the heart, spleen, small intestines, and kidneys with a higher concentration of receptors exerting effects upon organs.
People are aware of IGF-1 and the Lr3 compound I'm talking about a new shorter ester, 67 amino acids instead of 85 if my memory serves me right, called IGF-1 DES 1-3, this has a very short half life in the region of 2-3 mins, and a greater affinity for receptors.

The somatomedins, or insulin-like growth factors (IGFs), comprise a family of peptides that play important roles in mammalian growth and development. IGF-1 DES is a truncated form of IGF-1, which mediates many of the growth-promoting effects of growth hormone, with the tri-peptide structure Glycine-Proline-Glutamine cleaved from the N-terminus. It has been isolated from and detected in numerous in vivo sources, including the human brain, bovine colostrum, and porcine uterus. In vitro studies demonstrate that at equal doses DES (1-3) IGF is ten times more potent than IGF-1 at stimulating hypertrophy and proliferation in cultured cells. It is likely generated through post-translational modification in the sequence of circulating mature IGF-1 via protease action.




IGF DES is a polypeptide which is secreted by the liver. The structure of the polypeptide is made up of 67 amino acids and it has a molecular weight 0.7371. The structure is highly reactive which means it has muscle building and tissue growth properties. The repair of various chemical complex molecules, Other names that the peptide is referred to are IGF 1, IGF1, insulin-like growth factor 1 and somatomedin C.
The primary impetus of IGF DES is in the ability to accentuate hyperplasia or muscle building which in some cases is also called hypergenesis. In essence, IGF DES promotes the cell division, differentiation, development and maturity to enhance growth. This helps to increase the number of cells in different parts of the body. The peptide is initiated when there is a trigger to produce new cells and tissues, mostly if there is tissue overload or cell damage. In other cases, production of IGF DES is initiated when there is the need to gain a semblance of stabilization or when there is skin loss.


The effective results of IGF-DES:


  • -average 14% of fat decrease
  • -average 8.8% increase the structures of the body and lean muscle
  • -Improved skin texture resulting in a more youthful appearance
  • -Remove the wrinkles from skin
  • -Increased bone density, stopped osteoporosis
  • -Faster healing of any type of injury, fracture, or wound
  • -Significantly increased immunity and resistance to infection
  • -Increased brain function, retention of intellect with aging
  • -Improvement of Alzheimer and Parkinson syndromes
  • -Improved sex drive
  • -The improvement in the fullest physical and mental well-being
  • -Improved training tolerance
  • -Improved mood, less depression and fatigue
  • -Improved heart and kidney function


Dosing and Injections:


DES IG-F1 can be dosed at 50-150mcg multiple times a day (prior to training) into specific target areas. since DES has such a short half life (20-30 minutes), desensitization was not noticed at all . Injection sites should be localized; preferably, at the muscle group you want to grow. In simple terms, if you want to grow your biceps, inject IG-F1 DES right into your bicep.


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CAS 96827-07-5 Protein Peptide Hormones IGF 1-Lr3 ,IGF-DES in 1mg/vial 0


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