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CAS 863288-34-0 High Purity Body Growth Hormone CJC 1295 With DAC 2MG Peptide

CAS 863288-34-0 High Purity Body Growth Hormone CJC 1295 With DAC 2MG Peptide

  • CAS 863288-34-0 High Purity Body Growth Hormone CJC 1295 With DAC 2MG Peptide
  • CAS 863288-34-0 High Purity Body Growth Hormone CJC 1295 With DAC 2MG Peptide
  • CAS 863288-34-0 High Purity Body Growth Hormone CJC 1295 With DAC 2MG Peptide
  • CAS 863288-34-0 High Purity Body Growth Hormone CJC 1295 With DAC 2MG Peptide
  • CAS 863288-34-0 High Purity Body Growth Hormone CJC 1295 With DAC 2MG Peptide
CAS 863288-34-0 High Purity Body Growth Hormone CJC 1295 With DAC 2MG Peptide
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Hubei, China
Brand Name: CJC 1295 with Dac
Certification: ISO9001, SGS
Model Number: CAS: 863288-34-0
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1Box
Price: USD100/kit
Packaging Details: Foil Bag
Delivery Time: 3-7 days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, wechat, Alipay
Supply Ability: 400kits/month
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Detailed Product Description
Keywords: CJC 1295 With Dac Function: Lose Weight, Strong Muscle, Sex Enhancement, Anti-aging
Specification: 2mg/vial 10vials/kit Export Market: Brazil, USA, UK, Spain, France, Thailand...
Shipping Method: TNT, UPS, FEDEX, DHL, HK EMS, EMS Delivery Time: Within 24 Hours After The Payment
Policy: Reshipping Policy Color: White Crystal Powder
Purity: >99% Whatsapp: +8613429837396
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For Elevating Body Growth Hormone CJC 1295 with DAC 2MG Peptide


What is CJC 1295 with DAC?


Belonging to the Growth Hormone Secreting Hormone class of growth hormone secretagogue peptide, CJC 1295 with DAC (Drug Affinity Complex) is one of the most commonly misunderstood, and simultaneously most popular items on the market.


Designed to both sustain and optimise the body’s “access” to elevated levels of growth hormone, this item will not usually be used in isolation save for as part of medical treatment plans for research purposes only.


The aim of this profile is to provide you with all of the information you could ever need about CJC in regards to how it works, what makes it work and how best to implement it in order to guarantee safety and efficiency.


Though CJC 1295 DAC is a growth hormone secretagogue, it is first and foremost a peptide.

We’re first going to explain precisely what peptides are so that you can better understand the unique mechanism of action displayed by CJC 1295 and all other secretagogue varieties.




What Are Peptides?


You may already have seen the word “peptide” on the front of several packaging labels for skin care products and certain sports supplements.

This is because peptides are designed to instigate a variety of processes from skin cell regeneration to muscular repair and organ / tissue maintenance.


They do this by “tricking” the neural system into performing certain activities.

In the case of skin cell regeneration for instance, they can send a signal that causes the neural system to synthesise collagen. This in turn leads to advanced skin cell repair and a smoother, healthier complexion.


Of course (even though it is a “side” benefit to taking growth hormone / GHRH secretagogues) those reading this profile are unlikely to place their primary interest on the advancement of their complexion; many readers will be seeking answers in regards to how a peptide may lead to enhanced anabolic activity.


In order to unravel this aspect of the CJC 1295 peptides personality, we must first understand precisely what a peptide is on a molecular level.

As the previous image highlights; a peptide is merely a chain of amino acids.


Amino Acids are the vital building blocks of the human body – they are needed for the development of our every internal / external structure including bones, vital organs, muscle tissue and skin.

Whilst different amino acids certainly fulfil different needs – the combination of all of them is what ultimately leads to our state of internal and external “integrity”.


You may have heard of amino acids before when discussing protein / protein types. This is because proteins also consist of amino acids much in the same way as peptides do.


The difference between a protein and a peptide ultimately lies in the number of
amino acids that are present within the structure of each molecule type.

A peptide features less than 50 amino acids as part of its composition, whereas a protein features 50 or more, and is more complex in nature.
As such, peptides are just a “simple” form of protein. What is not simple however is the manner in which they lead to changes taking place within the body.


If we were to observe the popular growth hormone secretagogue GHRP 6 (you can view the separate profile for this product elsewhere on this site) for instance, we’d see that the unique amino acid “code” it contains allows it to “unlock” or instigate the sequence that leads to the powerful release of growth hormone releasing hormone, and subsequently growth hormone itself whilst simultaneously blocking the effects of somatostatin.


Somatostatin is ultimately what leads to the “cessation” of growth hormone release and utilisation. It is the growth hormone “recall” hormone, used to cease the body’s production of gh in an effort to safeguard organic stores.


In regards to CJC 1295; the unique amino acid “code” contained within this product ultimately leads to a spike in plasma growth hormone levels through its ability to “mimic” the effects of Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone directly.


This is incredibly similar to the fashion in which GHRP 6+2 and Hexarelin / Ipamorelin mimic the hunger hormone Ghrelin.

Where CJC 1295 ultimately differs to its similar “pulse” release brothers is that it cannot inhibit the effects of somatostatin like they can.

As such, using it in isolation largely relies on timing it either with one of the body’s “natural” pulses, or through forcing a pulse with a GHRP product type.


Studying its amino acid structure can conclude exactly how CJC 1295 is able to exert its effects. Featuring 29 amino acids in total, each one of these individual acids were deemed to be vital for “mimicking” growth hormone releasing hormone within the body.


We will go into the history of this compound in greater detail shortly, but for now it’s important that you’re aware of the structure of growth hormone releasing hormone. It features 44 amino acids.


How we came to manifest CJC 1295 was through the study of these amino acids, whereas we determined that only 29 of them were actually vital for exerting the effects of GHRH.


In testing, a comparable growth hormone elevation was shown when using either the “true” growth hormone releasing hormone (featuring 44 acids) or the “synthetic” version (which came to be known as CJC 1295 and featured 29 acids.)


As soon as we refined the structure, we were then able to manufacture it as an exogenous secretagogue and thus CJC 1295 was born.

You do not need to know the precise “ins and outs” of each amino acid featured as part of this product, but what it’s important to understand is that this unique chain triggers the response we need to release growth hormone from the somatropic cells.


This is precisely what the function of growth hormone releasing hormone is within the body, and by default (as a result of its structure) this is also exactly the same function that CJC 1295 fulfils.


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