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Riptropin Human Growth Hormone 12629 01 5 White Powder ISO9001

Riptropin Human Growth Hormone 12629 01 5 White Powder ISO9001

  • Riptropin Human Growth Hormone 12629 01 5 White Powder ISO9001
  • Riptropin Human Growth Hormone 12629 01 5 White Powder ISO9001
  • Riptropin Human Growth Hormone 12629 01 5 White Powder ISO9001
  • Riptropin Human Growth Hormone 12629 01 5 White Powder ISO9001
Riptropin Human Growth Hormone 12629 01 5 White Powder ISO9001
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Hubei, China
Brand Name: Bodybiological
Certification: ISO9001, SGS
Model Number: CAS 12629-01-5
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1kit
Price: USD50/kit
Packaging Details: Foil bag
Delivery Time: 5-7 days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,Bitcoin
Supply Ability: 2000kits/month
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Detailed Product Description
Keywords: Getropin Alias: HGH
CAS: CAS 12629-01-5 Appearance: White Freezed Powder
Shipping Method: TNT, UPS, DHL, FEDEX, HK EMS Payment Terms: Money Gram, Western Union, Bank Transfer,bitcoin
Export Market: USA, UK, Brazil, Thailand, Brazil, Canada Brand: Bodybiological
Whatsapp: +86 18271632602 Policy: Free Reshipping
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Riptropin Human Growth Hormone


12629 01 5 Human Growth Hormone


ISO9001 Pure Protein Peptide

Pure Medical Usage Riptropin Human Growth Hormone in white Powder for Being Younger

Quick details:

Product name : Riptropin HGH
Specification: 100iu/kit (10iu/vial, 10vial/Kit)
Status: Brand new, expiration date in 3 years
Shipping Courier: EMS to your door
Packing Methods: Carefully packed into Carton box
Payment Methods: Western Union, Bank Transfer, Money Gram,Bitcoin



Riptropin is one of the most potent recombinant Human Growth Hormones on the market today. It is a proper 191 amino acid sequence Somatropin (natural to human body) and is produced by GeneScience Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd.
Riptropin is created using secretion technology. Genetically modified E.coli bacteria secrete human body's identical somatropin which is then isolated and freeze dried. This method produces a very stable form of a molecule, which is otherwise too fragile to survive room temperatures or shaking. When freeze dried it remains stable at 37C (98F degrees) for over 30 days or 45C degrees for over a week.
According to IMS, an internationally recognized marketing firm, Getropin is the absolute market leader in China with just over 75% of market share. It was first introduced in 1997 when it was the first somatropin brand produced in China.

Riptropin is a synthetic form of human growth hormone manufactured in underground labs around the world specifically for non-medical use by bodybuilders and athletes.
Steroid shops around the world promote use of Riptropin by bodybuilders, often promising accelerated gains in solid muscle mass.
Prevalence of manufacturing occurs in Asia, where manufacturing standards are often less than stellar.


Riptropin stimulates linear cell growth and increases growth rate in children who lack adequate endogenous growth hormone. In adults with growth hormone deficiency, Riptropin improves metabolism which in effect reduces body's fat storage, raises energy levels, increases muscle mass, vitality and overall well-being.
Riptropin is indicated for patients suffering from severe burns, or recovering after major operation. It is given to AIDS patients to prevent muscle wasting. Children with stunted growth, caused by various illnesses will benefit from growth hormone the most.

What is Riptropin?

Human growth hormone is the so-called fountain of youth, and many celebrities are fans.
Actress Suzanne Somers calls it "sex in a capsule." Actor Nick Nolte calls it "a systems repair" for the body, and actor Sylvester Stallone used it to get buff for his role in the movie "Rambo IV." Some sports superstars have even gotten themselves into legal trouble for allegedly using it to enhance their performance.
But human growth hormone, or hGH, is not just for celebrities anymore. Ordinary Americans are turning to the product that many proponents claim turns back the clock on aging, builds muscle mass and strengthens bones. The hormone is illegal if used for anti-aging and can only be prescribed by a doctor if a patient's blood test shows hormone levels that are too low.
Former NFL player Ed Lothamer and his wife, Beth, started injecting hGH about eight years ago after their doctor legally prescribed it. They said that when they hit middle age, they just weren't feeling like themselves anymore.
"I think the older you get, the more depressed you get and the golden years are really the rusty years," Beth Lothame, 64, told "Good Morning America."

HGH Function via other personal experience:

Within months of starting the injections, they noticed a big change, including better skin and a spiced-up sex life.

HGH occurs naturally in the body. It promotes growth in children and diminishes with age. But people such as like Beth Lothamer have been injecting it back into their bodies.

Her regimen includes exercise, eating healthy and taking hGH and other medications, including melatonin and progesterone. For her husband, 69, it's testosterone. The hGH itself costs $150 per bottle and the Kansans spend between $8,000 and $10,000 a year on all of the treatments, including doctor visits and medications.

Ed Lothamer says he feels 20 years younger. And his wife said she feels as though she's in her 40s.

She says she sleeps much better and runs three miles a day. "I'm up all day long, I don't ever sit down," she said.

Her husband said, "When I come home and I have things to do, I still have plenty of drive left and I do those things."

A study in the New England Journal of Medicine even backs up some of their claims, finding that men who took hGH for six months reduced their body fat by more than 14 percent and increased muscle mass by 8.8 percent.

Pay attention:

1.) How much actual HGH you are dealing with (read from the vial)
2.) How much water (dilutent) you are using to add to the actual HGH.
3.) Divide the amount of water in units by the amount of GH in units.
4.) This result will equal the measurement on your U100 Insulin syringe per unit of GH.
5.) multiply the number you get it step 4 by how many units you want to inject. This is the number to draw to on your syringe.

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