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Pharmaceutical Raw Material Adenosine Monophosphate with CAMP Confirmed

Pharmaceutical Raw Material Adenosine Monophosphate with CAMP Confirmed

  • Pharmaceutical Raw Material Adenosine Monophosphate with CAMP Confirmed
  • Pharmaceutical Raw Material Adenosine Monophosphate with CAMP Confirmed
  • Pharmaceutical Raw Material Adenosine Monophosphate with CAMP Confirmed
  • Pharmaceutical Raw Material Adenosine Monophosphate with CAMP Confirmed
Pharmaceutical Raw Material Adenosine Monophosphate with CAMP Confirmed
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Hubei, China
Brand Name: Bodybiological
Certification: ISO9001, SGS
Model Number: 61-19-8
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1kg
Price: USD1/gram
Packaging Details: Foil bag
Delivery Time: 3-7 days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 700kg/month
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Detailed Product Description
Keywords: Adenosine Monophosphate Appearance: White Powder
CAS: 61-19-8 Shipping Method: Fedex, UPS, TNT, DHL, HK EMS
Payment Terms: Money Gram, Western Union, Bank Transfer MOQ: 1kg
Purity: 99.8% Export Market: USA, UK, France, Brazil, Thailand...
Policy: Resending Policy Brand: Bodybiological
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local anesthetic powder


natural thyroid hormone

Pharmaceutical Raw Material Adenosine Monophosphate with CAMP Confirmed


Quick Details:


CAS: 61-19-8
EINECS No.: 200-500-0
Formula: C10H14N5O7P
Molecular Weight: 347.22
Purity: 98%min
Appearance White or white crystalline powder
HPLC Consistent with the reference substance
Dry weight loss ≤ 6.0%
Assay ≥ 98.0%
A250/260 0.76 ~ 0.80
A280/260 0.14 ~ 0.16
Total number of colonies ≤ 1000cfu/g
E. Coli ≤ 40MPN/100g
Mold, yeast ≤ 25cfu/g
Heavy metals (Pb) ≤ 10 ppm
Arsenic ≤ 2 ppm
Pathogenic bacteria NONE



Adenosine monophosphate (AMP) deaminase deficiency is a condition that can affect the muscles used for movement (skeletal muscles). People with this condition do not make enough of an enzyme called AMP deaminase. In most people, AMP deaminase deficiency does not cause any symptoms. People who do experience symptoms typically have muscle pain (myalgia) or weakness after exercise or prolonged physical activity. They often get tired more quickly and stay tired longer than would normally be expected. Some affected individuals have more severe symptoms, but it is unclear whether these symptoms are due solely to a lack of AMP deaminase or additional factors. Muscle weakness is typically apparent beginning in childhood or early adulthood.
Researchers have proposed three types of AMP deaminase deficiency, which are distinguished by their symptoms and genetic cause.
AMP deaminase deficiency is one of the most common inherited muscle disorders in white populations, affecting 1 in 50 to 100 people. The prevalence is lower in African Americans, affecting an estimated 1 in 40,000 people, and the condition is even less common in the Japanese population.
This condition is inherited in an autosomal recessive pattern, which means both copies of the gene in each cell have mutations. The parents of an individual with an autosomal recessive condition each carry one copy of the mutated gene, but they typically do not show signs and symptoms of the condition.




Clinical use for disseminated sclerosis, porphyria, itching, liver disease, varicose ulcer complications. In order to adenylate dominated compound eye drops for eye fatigue, central retinitis and pannus and bleb corneal superficial diseases. Intramuscular injection of visible local erythema, systemic vasodilatation, flushing, dizziness, palpitation, dyspnea.
Can be used as health food and biochemical reagents, intermediates production of nucleic acid drugs, and used in the manufacture of adenosine three phosphate (ATP), cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) and other biochemical drugs.
This product is a nucleotide products, can be used as food additives and biochemical products, intermediates production nucleotide drugs, used in the production of antiviral drugs, synthetic energy type drugs and cardiovascular drugs, such as adenine arabinoside, 3 ATP,'-5 '- cyclic adenosine monophosphate etc.




As intermediates of nucleic acid series drug, health food, and biochemical reagents, it's also used to produce Adenosine triphosphate, Cyclic adenosine monophosphate and so on. It has good function on hemangiectasis and bringing blood pressure down.

Pharmaceutical Raw Material Adenosine Monophosphate with CAMP Confirmed 0




A- Used for heart failure, myocarditis, myocardial infarction, cerebral arteriosclerosis, coronary atherosclerosis, angina pectoris, paroxysmal tachycardia, Acute poliomyelitis, progressive muscular atrophic disease, hepatitis, nephritis, eyestrain, ophthalmoplegia, retinal hemorrhage, central retinitis, optic neuritis, optic atrophy and so on.
B- Used in the treatment of rapid supraventricular arrhythmia, has advantages of recovery rate fast, reusable in the short-term, so can be used to terminate supraventricular acute attack.


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