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Healthy LR3 IGF1 IGF-1 LR3 Human Growth Hormone Peptide For Burn Fat

Healthy LR3 IGF1 IGF-1 LR3 Human Growth Hormone Peptide For Burn Fat

    • Healthy LR3 IGF1 IGF-1 LR3 Human Growth Hormone Peptide For Burn Fat
    • Healthy LR3 IGF1 IGF-1 LR3 Human Growth Hormone Peptide For Burn Fat
    • Healthy LR3 IGF1 IGF-1 LR3 Human Growth Hormone Peptide For Burn Fat
    • Healthy LR3 IGF1 IGF-1 LR3 Human Growth Hormone Peptide For Burn Fat
  • Healthy LR3 IGF1 IGF-1 LR3 Human Growth Hormone Peptide For Burn Fat

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    Place of Origin: Hubei, China
    Brand Name: bodybiological
    Certification: ISO9001, SGS
    Model Number: 96827-07-5

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    Minimum Order Quantity: 1kit
    Price: USD40/kit
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    Supply Ability: 1000kit/month
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    Keywords: IGF-1 DES CAS: 96827-07-5
    Form: White Freezed Powder Shipping Way: FEDEX, TNT, DHL, UPS, HK EMS
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    High quality Healthy LR3 IGF1 IGF-1 LR3 Human Growth Hormone Peptide to Burn Fat


    Quick details:
    Specification: IGT 100mgc
    Gross Weight: 250g/kit
    Following are the reported benefits of use of IGT 100MGC HGH:
    Losing Cellulite and Wrinkles
    Gaining muscle / losing fat/weight loss
    Return of sexual potency, drive and pleasure
    Restful sleep (even for insomniacs)
    Improved mood and sense of well being
    Hair color restoration and growth
    Return of vitality, energy, stamina
    Improved memory, alertness & concentration
    Substantial increase in bone density
    Improved vision, cholesterol & blood pressure
    Faster recovery from injuries



    IGF1 is a peptide roughly the same structure and size as insulin, or about 70 amino acids long. It belongs to the peptide family of substances identified as growth factors. It is a highly anabolic hormone released in the liver as well as in peripheral tissues such as skeletal muscle. In the body, IGF-1 is released in response to the presence of Growth Hormone (GH). After intense resistance training, the body experiences a surge in GH and IGF, and this is one way that new muscle is built. Although GH is considered to be highly anabolic, in actuality, IGF-1 is suspected to be responsible for the primary anabolic activities of GH.

    IGF-1 builds new muscle tissue by promoting nitrogen retention and protein synthesis. This causes the growth of muscles through both hyperplasia (which is an increase in number of muscle cells) and mitogenesis (which is the actual growth of new muscle fibers). Thus IGF-1 not only makes muscle fibers bigger, it makes more of them as well! IGF-1's effects are not limited to building new muscle, however. It has a potent effect on lipid (fat) metabolism, and helps the body burn fat at a significantly elevated rate. In addition, IGF-1 is both a neuroprotector and neuropromotor, which improves mental functions such as reflexes, memory, and learning ability. IGF is also important for production of connective tissue and insuring proper bone density.




    Healthy LR3 IGF1 IGF-1 LR3 Human Growth Hormone Peptide For Burn Fat




    1) IGF-1 LR3 is very effective at building muscle and burning fat. It acts as a neuroprotector and a neuropromotor so mental functions like memory, reflexes and learning ability is enhanced.
    2) IGF-1 LR3 is essential for the production of connective tissues and insures proper bone density.
    3) By promoting nitrogen retention and protein synthesis, IGF-1 LR3 facilitates growth of muscles by hyperplasia and mitogenesis. In other words, it is not only responsible for making muscle fibers bigger, it also makes more of them.
    4) IGF-1 LR3 is an amino acid of the original IGF-1 in the human body but with the substitution of Arg for the Glu at position 3. It also has a 13 amino acid extension peptide that makes it more potent than IGF-1.


    - It is recommended to store metribolone at the room temperature below 30 degrees C.
    - Keep the drug away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture.
    - Do not let the drug at the sight and reach of children.


    Healthy LR3 IGF1 IGF-1 LR3 Human Growth Hormone Peptide For Burn Fat


    Side effects of IGF-1 DES:


    IGF1-DES can increase tumor size in patients who already have cancer. It does not affect anyone who does not have cancer, but can cause tumors to develop after long term use.
    Some positive side effects of IGF1-DES include: regulating fat for use as energy, which can result in fat loss, anti-aging contributions by slowing down aging and boosting cell reduction in the process.
    Low levels of IGF-1 are linked to heart failure, lower brain cell regulation and neuron function as well as muscle tissue breakdown.
    IGF1-DES can help regulate those problem areas, increases nutrient shuttling , increased regenerative functions of nerve tissues and the ability to cause hyperplasia in muscle cells resulting in fuller muscle tissue.


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    Healthy LR3 IGF1 IGF-1 LR3 Human Growth Hormone Peptide For Burn Fat

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